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I want to thank The Get & Stay Healthy Team for his program and his motivation which helped me achieve my goal of losing 45lbs. His organic drink challenge was my convincer, his 21 day challenge helped me lose 14lbs and 4 inchs, I continued with his program to my present goal.  I have maintained my weight for the last 18 months.

Thank you.

Kelly Donner
  • Vital 1 - Alkalized Water

    It Helps Clear the Body of Toxins
    It Helps Clear Up the Skin
    Helps The Hair & Nails Grow
    It Helps Reduce Lactic Acid in people who exercise which helps Cut Body Fat & Build Muscle
  • Vital 7 – Organic Health Drink

    Burn Fat & Shred Weight
    Increase Energy & Metabolism
    Suppress Appetite for Carbs/Sugars


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